Partnering with individuals to harness the demands of modern life for growth and development.

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Out beyond the ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.


​The modern world is complex, demanding and increasingly uncertain. Whether you hold a formal leadership position or are simply leading your life, the pressure is growing to be able to respond, act and relate in novel ways.

Our work together is a living bridge between who you are today, and who you are called to be tomorrow. My clients range from research scientists to nursing students, yoga instructors to civil engineers.  What they all share is a desire to find new ways of being, working, leading or living.

Less stress, more clarity.  Less reactive, more responsive.  Less overwhelm, more ease.

If you would like to know if my coaching is right for you please get in touch, I would delighted to arrange a conversation.  I cannot describe here what our coaching will look like as this will be unique, based on your agenda, and tailored precisely to you.

An initial session with me has no expectations, and no financial investment, no strings attached.  My commitment is to explore where you are in a way that offers you insight, understanding and spaciousness. From here, the path opens.



Thomas Arta is a leadership coach with a holistic and nuanced approach to growth, development and learning.

Curiosity and respect lie at the center of his work, where rigorous psychology and contemplative practice meet humour, playfulness and spontaneity.

His journey through a highly unconventional career path and varying leadership positions helped him understand the value of multiple perspectives and the wisdom of deep listening. He works with clients across a huge variety of sectors, from scientific research to nursing, engineering to classical music.

Thomas has trained for over fifteen years in mindfulness and Buddhist practice and in 2018 founded Rise Leadership Development. His two daughters challenge him constantly to embody new levels of leadership and listening, while his clients teach him every day about the beauty and richness of human potential.

He is based in the Black Forest area of Germany and works with clients internationally.



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